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We are committed to bringing more qualified investors into the market to provide small growing companies with capital and resources.  Our economy depends on free enterprise and the growth of small companies into large companies.  Angel Investors are critical to bridge the gap as companies move from start-up to "bankable".  We will accomplish this by bringing value to the investor community through events, offerings, and association. We plan to grow the NBA&I brand so that it will be known in communities around the United States as the organization that connects Capital, Ventures and Resource.

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Membership has Benefits
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Benefits of Membership in NBA&
bullet Meet and collaborate with like minded,  motivated investors who provide the needed experience and capital to early stage companies and who have the potential for selecting the deals that produce substantial ROI.


bullet Become part of an exclusive community of high net worth men and women.  Build your own personal network of associates with goals and interests similar to yours, and with whom you may wish to co-invest.


bullet Gain access to new, high quality equity investment opportunities every month. Some opportunities include real estate as an element.  
bullet Learn how to transfer your knowledge of real estate or stock market investing to the private equity market.


bullet Discounted registration fees for large 1 day or multi day investor forums (saving $100 to $200).


bullet Free Attendance to most dinner, lunch and networking events (average price $75 for non-active members). 


bullet Password secure access to Opportunity Listing, Linkup with other investors, and Member only products and services (coming soon).


bullet Membership price frozen as long as you stay current with your membership.


Ready to Join?

You must Join to receive all these benefits.   How to Join?  The first step is to complete your application (click here to download) and mail with payment to NBAI headquarters.  Details can be found on the application.  

Guardian Angel Membership: $400 annually 

Intended for investors who can be characterized by any of the following:
Do you want to remain active in their local angel community, yet have limited liquidity at this time.  
Have you been active in private equity investing in the past and currently seeking to advise early stage companies.  
Are you new to Angel Investing so anticipate limited participation initially  

Attend regular meetings in a calendar year at no charge.  Discounts on other events, programs and products.  Receive the 5 volume set of "Learn to Be an Angle Investor" at no additional cost.  All other benefits of membership are available.

Arch Angel Investor Membership: $1000 for Two Years

Intended for investors who can be characterized by any of the following:
Intended for investors who invest their own money or individuals that directly represent another individual's investment interest.  
At this level, the investor intends to invest in multiple companies each year.   
Has a personal network of other investors they would like to bring as guests to meetings and events.  

Full benefits made available at this level, free to attend meetings and  bring up to two guests to regular NBAI meetings.  Guests may visit 2 times before joining.   For a limited time, joining at this level give you an active membership for two years.


Customer Member Package:  TBD based on selected features
Intended for Investors who have successfully built other companies and intend to re-invest their capital into a new venture, taking a strategic executive role in that company...an "Exec with a Check".    This Member seeks specific opportunities and wants qualified steady deal flow greater than what can be obtained from monthly meetings.  This is a customized membership based on the level of service the Arch Angel desires.

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Corporate Sponsors of NBA&I are showcased on this website, and in the handouts provided at investor events.   Event Sponsorships are also available.   Sponsorship is a great way to reach the investor and entrepreneur community supported by the Network of Business Angels and Investors. To receive information about sponsorship, please click here to send us an email:
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